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Start New In 2022

A healthy change is right around the corner…

Is your business ready to Start New in 2022?!

Starting new in 2022

Skyline Video Productions is a local creative agency dedicated to smart and authentic marketing campaigns for Oregon businesses.

While our clients navigated the challenges of the past year - from wildfire recovery and ice storms to intense supply chain issues - we worked alongside their team behind the scenes. Amending video plans, pivoting marketing campaigns, updating their websites, posting to social media, and focusing on their Google presence. Always adapting while keeping their overall marketing goals in focus. We handled the details so that they could focus more on their passion - running their business.

Something to consider...

What if you had a crew consistently working on your marketing goals for next year?

What if you could reach more potential customers through social media and Google to see increased website traffic?

Different goals mean unique marketing solutions for each client. That’s why we start with a marketing check-up in our initial discovery meeting. We evaluate your current website, social media, digital ads, and discuss the areas you want to see growth in. This free first step helps us learn and gives us a better idea of what to include in your custom marketing campaign.

Cookie cutter marketing tends to be costly and inefficient. We believe that good marketing is customized to each client. When we match our services to the client’s needs and bundle them into a campaign - they see better results and more bang for their budget!

So what does a bundle look like?

Our clients can start with one of the following partnerships and can grow / change from that point:

#1. Google + SEO Partner

Drive website traffic with google and seo partner

Distinguish your website from your competitors with this partner option. Our designer helps your website make a great first impression and then sends more traffic to it with Google Ads and Google Local Services Ads when applicable).

Our Google + SEO Partner saw their new website reach 1st page in search results, and brought in direct customer inquiries through Google.

#2 Social + Content Partner

build brand awareness with social and content partner

Boost your social media presence and keep your brand in front of customers with a systemized post schedule, Ad campaign, and detailed reporting metrics. Our marketer works with you to brainstorm ideas for posts, gather photo or video content, with the additional option of running Facebook and Instagram ads.

Our Social Media Partner saw a 91% increase in social media users to their website.

#3 Video Partner

grow customer engagement with video partner

This partner option is built on high quality video content customized to your social media, website, event, tv commercial, and more. Our videographer is on site to capture interview style or drone footage for your high quality promo video.

Our Video Partner saw a 119% increase in video views and 40% increase in post engagement.

Mix-N-Match Partnership

Don’t worry, you’re not limited to one bundle. Our clients often mix and match video creation, social media, and website services for a more holistic marketing strategy.

Not sure which is the best fit for your team?

Trying to find the time to prioritize your marketing?

Let's chat! Our team would love to meet you and brainstorm ideas for making a healthy change this year.


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