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Who We Are

A creative crew specializing in videos and websites serving Oregon’s businesses, organizations, and non-profits. 



We care about your success. Really.

Most people will claim to care, but it is at the core of what we do. Our goal is for each client to be confident in the project and see positive results from it.


We are upfront about your options

Since our goal for each client is positive results, we try to be honest about your options. By being upfront in our recommendations and project overview, we sidestep a lot of confusion along the way.


We are in it for the long haul

Our focus is long lasting and meaningful relationships in our community. That is a major reason why we are honest with clients and focused on their success. We hope to build stronger relationships with businesses and organizations that make up our vibrant local community.


We take on projects as a team

When our services are booked, clients have access to an entire team, not just one or two specialists. With education and experience in video production, marketing, and website design, our crew tackles projects as a team. This gives us a more balanced and holistic view on how to better serve our clients.


We are flexible and reliable

We strive to be accountable and reliable, so that clients feel confident in the final delivered drafts. As needs change, we are flexible and update videos and websites along the way.


We never stop learning

To be experts in our field, we know that learning and growth must be ongoing. New techniques in filming, lighting, website features, reporting updates… there are always new skills to be learned. This strengthens our crew’s creative process and allows us to serve clients even better.


"I really enjoyed working with this super friendly professional crew!  The value I received was over the top!  They are creative, innovative and extremely talented in marketing and videography!  If you want to add a new level to your business hire Skyline Video today!!"

—  Team Puckett, Mortgage Advisors

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