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Telling The Stories Of The Willamette Valley (And Beyond)

What’s the big deal about another video production team, anyway?

Well, we’re pretty excited about the innovative ways we’re helping small businesses and nonprofits in the Willamette Valley (and beyond).

After ten years of building his own custom metal fab business, Jacob (our team visionary and entrepreneur) noticed a major lack of modern marketing in the construction industry. He met with Jono (our very own Aussie and marketing expert), and the two talked about ways they could help small businesses and nonprofits better connect with their consumers or supporters. They noticed that so many organizations focused more on product promotion than on storytelling.

Stories lie at the heart of the human experience, and the most successful marketing hinges on establishing meaningful connections with individuals. Jacob and Jono realized that storytelling through media could help organizations establish these important relationships and grow their customer and support bases.

Jacob and Jono also felt a passion for helping nonprofits thrive through better marketing--especially those that lacked the time and resources necessary to develop strong marketing strategy and content.

From there, Skyline VP was born, and the two asked David and Olivia (our married media experts) to join the team.

Today we are working tirelessly to fulfill our vision in the Willamette Valley. As a small startup, challenges do arise, but we are dedicated and confident in overcoming the obstacles that come our way. Already, we are humbled to see the ways our work has made a huge impact for the businesses and nonprofits we’ve had the joy to work with so far.

Here’s to bringing stories to life and helping our community thrive.

-- The Skyline Team


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