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Lessons Learned in 2022

Skyline Video Productions Office Building

Happy 2023 everyone! As a company Skyline saw more changes in 2022 than just about any other year, and with these changes we have learned some valuable lessons. We want to send a special thanks to everyone who worked with our team over the last year, and we look forward to another year full of challenges, surprises, and hopefully new skills.


Skyline Video Productions office building remodel before and after

Our team moved office locations in the first part of the year, from Sublimity to Salem. We left our 400 square foot office and moved to a three story shared work space on the corner of Capitol St and Market. Our owners put in so many hours packing up our old office while also cleaning, painting, and remodeling the new Salem location. Then the process of moving all of our delicate equipment into the new Skyline space began, and it has been worthwhile!

We are happy to report that our new office has an amazing taco place down the street - Tony’s Taco Shop - which often fuels our team. Also, one minute down the street is Broadway Coffeehouse, which is incredibly convenient for client meetings over a cup of coffee. If you are ever in our part of Salem, please stop by and say hello. We are always happy to brainstorm ideas with your business.


One of Skyline’s major projects in 2022 required a wide reaching campaign in both Spanish and English. With multiple videos, YouTube ads, as well as radio and tv commercials - this was a challenging campaign for our team. Filled with many firsts, we learned new skills along the way, especially when it comes to Spanish only content. The good news - we can now offer more video options to clients, with the capability of Spanish voice overs, captions, and ad messaging.


Skyline Video Productions new logo before and after

As a video production and digital marketing company, urgent client work is usually at the forefront. When it comes to our own marketing and branding, we have considered a new logo for quite some time. Our logo has stuck with our team since the beginning. But we finally decided the time has come for a new look to better represent our company culture.

During meetings we often help clients brainstorm how to update their marketing and represent their business well. It was our turn to put this into practice, so last year we started the rebranding process for Skyline. You can see our new logo and updated website. We look forward to making more updates to our brand in 2023, so stay tuned!


Chris at Skyline Video Productions

To better serve our clients, Skyline has widened our partner network. When time sensitive videos are requested by clients simultaneously, we have learned that the production schedule can fill up quickly. Over the summer, our production crew added Chris as a shooter and editor. He has been a valuable part of the team, helping us to serve our growing number of clients.

Along those lines, we began the search for one more team member in the role of sales.

Overall, we look forward to continuing to serve our amazing clients and community at large with our work. If you have an idea for a change you want to make for your businesses marketing in 2023, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team below. We look forward to connecting with you.


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